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Meet the Team


 Dr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn

Veterinary Behaviourist

Animal Sense is a Veterinary Behaviour consultancy owned and operated by Dr Nicole Lobry de Bruyn servicing the suburbs of Perth and beyond.


With over 30 years experience as a vet in private practice Dr Nicole is one of the most highly qualified Animal Behaviour Veterinarians in Western Australia. She is one of only a handful of veterinarians in Perth with the highly respected membership in Veterinary Behaviour MANZCVS obtained through examination. 


She helps pass on this passion through the teaching of Animal Behaviour (all species) to undergraduate vet students at Murdoch University.


She is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association and the special interest group in Animal Behaviour. She is also a certified Fear Free Professional.

Dr Nicole can assist you with any behavioural problem you may be experiencing with your companion animal - canine or feline. She follows the latest scientific approach, relies on a positive communication style with her patients and clients and will work with you to find the best outcome.

Dog and cat behaviour problems can be complex and be a source of much frustration and distress for owners. Dr Nicole understands this and is here to assist you.

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 Dr Zoe Devine

Veterinary Behaviourist

Dr Zoe developed her passion for behavioural medicine early in her career, as she believes the mental well-being of an animal is just as important as the physical. Since graduating from Murdoch University, she has worked in several clinics, including interstate, to hone her skills in treating both physical and mental diseases in all species.

Dr Zoe understands your desire for your canine or feline companion to be comfortable, content, and happy in their day-to-day life. She takes a compassionate, positive, and scientific approach to discussing your behavioural concerns and will work with you to find solutions to suit you and your pet’s individual needs. 


Knowing how important the bond is between owners and pets, Dr Zoe strives to strengthen these special relationships.


As a member of the Australian Veterinary Association and the special interest group in Animal Behaviour, Zoe keeps up to date with the latest treatment options. In addition, she is a certified Fear Free Professional.



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Areas of Expertise




Separation Distress



Resource Guarding

Storm and Noise Phobia

House Soiling


Shadow Chasing, Spinning & other Compulsive Disorders

Fighting Between Household Dogs



What Clients Say

“We were at our wits end, when we were referred to you and we are so grateful for the wise council and support received in regard to issues we experienced with our beautiful dog. It has now been over six months and we are all back on track. We cannot thank you and your team enough for the wonderful advice that has helped keep our beautiful dog as a loving member in our family.”

— Stephen, Leonie and Leroy



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Unit 3 / 42 Pearse St, North Fremantle, WA 6159